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Experiencing happiness

Posted on 14 October, 2013 at 13:41
Well enjoyed a beautiful weekend, filled with being pulled in a thousand direction, soccer tournaments, dinners to attend, emotional teenagers, homework assignments, and out of town visitors.  This stuff used to weigh me down, Spent more time worrying about how to get it all done, and what was the next thing, I forgot to enjoy the moment I was in.  This isn't the case anymore.  I find such joy and beauty in the moments, being present to where I am , knowing that everything will get done, and will get done well.
How wonderful to feel forgiving of my imperfections, and loving them instead of burying them.  I will say that it was not always like this but I have made a commitment to myself to change.  I exercise now because it feels good, I meditate (or try ) often my mind wanders every morning, and I always check in with myself as much as I check on other, if I am not happy how can I experience the happiness around me.

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