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Your True Self

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The beginning

Posted on 21 May, 2013 at 19:53
Today is the beginning. 
"You are the creator of your own destiny...these are inspirational words that have carried me through the journey I am on.  It is up to me to reach the goals and life I want.  It is not always easy, most things worthwhile take commitments and hard work, but the rewards are indescribable.  Internal happiness, facing fears, enjoying the moment, released from worry , these are a few of the wonderful gifts that I have experienced along my journey.  I call them gifts because they have been given to me, whether it be from a higher power, a God as some choose to call it, an outside force greater then me, these things were placed in front of me, I choose to open these gifts now and experience all they have to offer, rather then leaving them sitting on the table or "returning" them thinking I could find something better.  So totday is my "new beginning"

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